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    We build, maintain, and repair decks in Town N’ Country, Florida and the immediate community. If you live in Town N’ Country you’ve likely already seen and appreciated some of our quality work. We have a reputation for building professional level composite and wood decks on time and within the proposed budget. We take our customers seriously and work to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, focusing on completing your custom deck on time and within your budget.

    Town N' Country Decks

    As the leading deck building company in Town N’ Country, Florida, we provide both residential and commercial deck construction. Our years of experience help us to know the details of what your project will require.

    We focus on building long term customer relationships in the community. We know that a simple repair or a small construction project can turn into more long term business and friendly referrals. You can be certain that we will work with you long after your outdoor space has been built and continue to provide professional communication and service.

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    Custom Outdoor Construction

    We do more than just building decks. We have a history of building complex outdoor spaces. Besides decks, we also build patios, gazebos, pergolas, pavilions, arbors, and more.

    Regardless of what you have in mind, we have the experience and can help make it a reality. Outdoor projects are our passion. As a result, our final product is something you can be sure will add both value and comfort to your home or business.

    Are you looking to upgrade your home’s look? If so, you then need to hire the services of a deck builder. A well-built deck usually increases the value of your home as well as providing you with an excellent place to relax and engage in conversation with friends and family. However, deck builders also offer a range of other services apart from building the deck. We will let you know the services we provide as deck builders in Town N Country. We want you to have an outdoor space for outdoor cooking and relaxing as you enjoy the smooth breeze of the open air.

    In the Tampa Bay region are the leading Town N Country deck builder. We offer residential as well as commercial deck building services. Thus, irrespective of the type of how complex your project might seem or the desired size of the deck, this Town N Country company has got you covered. Furthermore, the constructed project will be of exceptional quality, remaining useful for a prolonged duration, plus its construction will be carried out in a timely fashion. Give us a call. We are always available to offer your needed construction services here in Town N’ Country, Florida.

    During the hot summer months, it can get quite uncomfortable relaxing outside. However, thanks to deck builders in Town N County, Florida, you no longer have to experience high temperatures that ruin your comfort. Integrated into most gazebos are seating, whereas others also have curtains or latticework which provide added privacy. As builders in Town N Country we design gazebos in various styles and sizes. Whether it is complimenting your garden, or to be an addition to your existing deck, it will fit on your lawn perfectly. When planning to install a gazebo, you need first to consider its ideal position, and it should preferably be near the deck.

    If you are a fan of patios, you are in luck because you have found the leading patio builders in Town N Country, Florida. We only construct patios of outstanding quality. Patios usually need a minimal slope as well as stable ground, but Town N Country deck builders have the expertise to work around any challenges we encounter. Additionally, we can also construct patios by making use of different materials such as stone or pavers as well as in various sizes. Depending on your preference we will create a patio where you can relax and enjoy the incredible weather in Tampa Bay.

    The addition of a pavilion increases the value and appeal of both commercial spaces as well as your home. The hiring of our services guarantees you the construction of a pavilion that not only provides you with excellent utility but also outstanding versatility. These structures can act like your outdoor house. During the construction of these structures, great care is taken to ensure that the design they have matches that of your commercial property or home. This is because the goal is to ensure the pavilion blends seamlessly with the surrounding buildings and the outdoors. Thanks to our experienced service all this is made possible, and you can comfortably relax in the outdoors as you savor the environment’s tranquility. So, if you are thinking about constructing a pavilion, feel free to contact us.  You can be sure you will not be disappointed.

    Pergolas and gazebos both provide you with shade, but apart from that, there is no other unifying feature they share. Integrated into these structures are pillars that give support to the open lattice, thereby creating shade for everyone who is walking below it. You can use the pergolas to offer some shade to both the patio and deck as well as connect different sections of your lawn. Additionally, most pergolas have a rectangular or square shape, with most of them taking into consideration the garden’s overall shape. To come up with a unique atmosphere in your yard, you can choose to plant flowers close to the pergola, and subsequently, the plants will creep up on it as they grow. If you are searching for this unique and gorgeous structure hire our experienced services.

    Deck builders in Town N Country, Florida, can create a gorgeous arbora that allows you to relax as you walk across the different sections of your garden. Typically, these structures have an arc shape, and you can walk underneath them as they create a tunnel that links the different sections of your lawn. Moreover, arboras also feature latticework, which usually extends from one side to another, thereby offering support to climbing plants. Nevertheless, you need to be patient as this breathtaking atmosphere takes shape because the plants take time before they become fully grown. The installation of an arbor is ideal as an exit to your patio or deck, along the lawn walkways and the entrance to your garden. Some of the plants that are recommended by Town N County deck builders to grow on your arbor include honeysuckle, wisteria, jasmine, and roses.

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