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    Through our years of dedicated deck building construction and services in Hyde Park, Florida we have built our reputation as the leading Hyde Park deck builders. When it comes to building a deck, patio, gazebo, pergola or other outdoor structure, we know the local licensing and construction process better than anyone. Whether you are looking to create a private space in your backyard or wanting to improve the atmosphere at your local business, let us help you complete your project fast and affordably.

    Hyde Park Deck Building Company

    Hyde Park is one of the most sought after areas to live in the Tampa Bay region. With the value of real estate rising, home remodels and deck construction have recently boomed in the area making such additions a wise investment. A professional custom deck can add immense value to a property, turning a basic backyard lot, into a pleasant area for entertaining. We always work to create an end product that amazes our clients and transforms their home or business. 

    If you’re located in Hyde Park you’ve likely already seen or experienced some of our work. As a local deck building company we always finish our projects and are known for completing custom construction fast, and efficiently, saving you money in the long run.

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    Deck Repair in Hyde Park

    We build lasting relationships with our customers that span years and often decades. No job is too small when it comes to our deck repair and maintenance services. We are always happy to help you extend the life of your current outdoor space for as long as possible. 

    We understand the Florida climate and how it can affect outdoor structures. Our expertise can help you protect your current or future outdoor space from the elements. We are always happy to come consult you on your options and how you can best achieve your goals in the most affordable way possible.

    Your deck is an integral part of your residential or commercial premises as it improves the structure quality and aesthetic appeal. If you are looking for deck builders in Hyde Park Florida, then you are at the right place.


    We are a Hyde Park deck company with years of experience under our belt. Over time, we have made a name for ourselves as one of the best in the creation and repair of decks. We work on both commercial and residential projects, with our work punctuating various spots in the Tampa area.


    Our company is vast when it comes to the services we offer. Below are some of the outdoor creations we can come up with for you if need be.

    We also work on existing outdoor spaces. After installing decks, homeowners may think they may not need more services. However, over time maintenance and repairs becomes inevitable due to the humid weather in Florida. When it comes to composite and wood repairs, we are the company to contact. We will work on your existing structure so it matches near exactly the state it was in before Mother Nature abused it.

    The deck is an essential part of your outdoors, as earlier indicated, and needs to be at its best always. The good thing is that we are at your disposal to let our rich experience to give you the finest decks. We tackle both residential and commercial decks with an assurance of an excellent job once we leave your premises.

    Size does not matter; the same goes for other specifications you may want featured on your deck.

    If you have decent space in your backyard, a gazebo would be a perfect addition. It is an excellent shelter to feature in your yard where you can have a relaxed moment with a magnificent view of your compound. The structure also brings some sophistication to your space, adding some aesthetic essence to your yard.

    If you have thought about erecting a gazebo, reach out for us. You have a guarantee of professional work, with an excellent outdoor shelter as the outcome.

    A patio is an excellent outdoor space that can feature in your yard. It is suitable for dining or relaxing on lazy days. Most of the time, the patios require a sturdy platform and level ground. Even in the lack of such requirements, we let our creativity and experience take charge. Guided by your specifications on the outlook of the patio, we bring out the best relaxing spot that accentuates your home.

    For an exotic view on your compound, especially the garden area, a pergola is the perfect fit. While it is at times confused with a gazebo, they are entirely different structures. The pergola is larger and takes on a square or rectangular configuration. The pergola may form part of a sheltered walkway or an area to relax with the supported lattice offering some shade.

    The pillars of the structure are important and their key definitive features. If this structure is top of your home outdoor décor bucket list, then make an appointment with us to get this fantastic structure to uplift your garden.

    You might also want a pavilion near your main house, with a unique design that complements the surrounding. Pavilions come in several structural designs, and whichever you pick, we set it up.

    Among the Hyde Park deck builders, we have carved out a niche for ourselves as one of the best, not only in deck construction but also in the erection of other outdoor structures. The following are some of our qualities that guarantee you an excellent job.

    Being in the industry for several years gives us the experience factor. Experience translates to expertise, and coupled with creativity; you have an assurance of amazing constructions.

    Our team upholds professionalism in all quarters. It is evident from when you contact us for the construction part. Time is an essential factor, and we always meet our deadlines.

    The client is always the king, and we observe this logic to come out with constructions that fit your desires. During the consultation part, we take notes of your specifications and let them guide us.

    We are experienced at what we do, a fact evident by the various structures around the larger Tampa area, both commercial and residential. We are versatile and can work on multiple projects you bring our way. Visit us and let us handle your outdoor construction projects.

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