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    The backyard is a homeowner’s private oasis. It would be a waste to not use your outdoor yard. 

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    Wood Decks

    Wood always had a timeless look to it, a classic material choice among builders since prehistoric times. Thousands of years later, we still adore wood. Its appeal is world-class, wood just looks and feels good. 

    Natural lumber, however, has some drawbacks. It is prone to rot and tear, fading, warping, cracking, splitting, pest and termite infestation, just to name a few. It is recommended to do further treatment for natural lumber to provide more resistance and longevity. Annual refinish, sanding, and staining, need to be done to ensure the quality of your deck.

    We refer homeowners and business owners to highly capable wood deck building companies Tampa FL. From wood deck construction, treating, maintenance, to upkeep, we have partners who are ready to serve you.

    Wood Decks
    Composite Decks

    Composite Decks

    If you want a no-fuss investment, the composite deck is best for you. Composites are a blend of wood fibers, sawdust, and recycled plastic. It is an eco-friendly solution to decking. While wood decks could last up to 20 years, the composite material could last 50 years or more.

    Innovations have made composite look almost like real wood–without the need for constant annual maintenance. While before, composites look fake and plastic-y, today’s composite material already looks and feels like the real thing. There are multitudes of options, colors, and gradients to choose from, even simulating real and exotic lumber like cedar, redwood, and Ipe.

    Composite deck building companies Tampa FL deliver with high pride and excellence. With composites, we guarantee an outdoor space that lasts many decades–even a lifetime.

    Whatever your choice, we guarantee satisfaction. Our Tampa deck building companies provide a high level of craftsmanship priced at competitive rates.

    Our partners are experts in what they do. The professionals have had several years of experience with an impressive portfolio that will speak for itself. Our team will secure building permits, insurance, and bonds, ensuring that construction processes meet the laws stipulated by the state of Tampa, Florida.

    Outdoor living has grown in popularity over the years, and it’s high time to own your own now. Turn your unused backyard space into a beautiful outdoor oasis in Tampa FL. 

    Deck Builders Tampa Partners can help you explore your options for outdoor structures and decking solutions. We are your trusted handymen, your reliable outdoor builders for cities and suburbs in and around Tampa and Hillsborough County, Florida.

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    One important decision of any client is to choose between wood and composite. There are several pros and cons to think about, and your choice will depend on your needs, preferences, budget, and lifestyle.

    Wood is always a classic favorite, less expensive, with a beautiful organic and rustic look.  Wood may be inexpensive and readily available, but if you are looking into using your deck in the long term, you could benefit highly with the alternative.

    Using composite material poses more advantages to the user in terms of durability, longevity, and upkeep. While composites may be costlier, it will garner a lot of savings in the long run.

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