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    We do it better. Here at Deck Builders TAMPA you will find experienced local deck contractors with a history of excellence. There is no reason to take chances. Our partners have the expertise to make your concept a reality. Whether you need a custom wood deck for a commercial project or you want a gazebo added to your residential home, we are here to help you find a level of attention and professionalism that is unmatched. We connect you to a team of proven Tampa deck builders who will make sure you are satisfied long after your project is complete.


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    We take pride in helping you obtain a premier custom deck that compliment both residential and commercial structures. With our years of experience in the industry, we have narrowed down local partner deck building companies that will make your new outdoor space every bit as good as you imagined.


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    No matter the size of the project we have a partner that has the experience needed to get the job done. There is a good chance you’ve already seen and experienced some of their custom patios throughout the Tampa region. They will work with you to design a patio that meets your needs and expectations.


    Our partners bring a new level of professionalism when it comes to building custom gazebos. They truly guide you through the process. Whether it’s helping you select the materials, decide on a design, or work out the appropriate size, you’ll end up with the result you’ve always wanted. 


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    Pergolas are a wonderful budget friendly addition to any home or commercial seating area. Either on the beach or in your backyard they can quickly turn into your favorite resting spot. Arbors can have a dramatic effect on a location’s scenery and are perfect for plant lovers.


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    Not every project has to start from scratch. We have partners who specialize in construction upgrades that can save you time and money. Sometimes an upgrade can even help you achieve an aesthetic goal you didn’t even believe was possible.



    Builders need to be vigilant when it comes to maintaining and repairing their old projects here in Tampa Bay, Florida. We make sure your contractor works with you for the long term, providing repairs when needed. 

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      Experienced Tampa Deck Builders

      When it comes to improving your home or business, selecting the right builder is one of the most important decisions you can make. Our partners are the most experienced Tampa deck builders in the business, creating beautiful exteriors that can make a lasting impression. Our focus is helping you find the contractor that best fits your personal needs. 

      Call us today and we will have an experienced deck contractor near you come and evaluate your personal needs. We not only bring experience; we also bring a commitment to our community.

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      Tampa Decks Designed For Florida

      Florida has its own climate concerns when selecting construction materials. Fortunately, our experienced wood deck builders in Tampa know what materials will best withstand the elements and provide you with a lasting result. We only use sustainable materials that will save you money in the long run.

      Pressure treated lumber is both rot and insect resistant. There is no better choice when selecting which wood to use here in Tampa, Florida. In a state that is known for its heat and humidity year round, having lumber that is resistant to termites and the constant attack of water is essential.

      Custom Wood Decks

      Your vision is our goal here at Deck Builders TAMPA. We do our best to understand exactly what you want as your final result, and work to connect you with all the right people during the design process. We find customers usually want something that makes their deck unique. Our partners have the tools and experience to help you in that decision process.

      Commercial wood decks have become increasingly more popular both in the restaurant industry and in the business setting. This has been the fastest expanding portion of our partner’s construction business’. Let us help you find the contractor to build a comfortable commercial atmosphere for your clientele or business associates that will leave a lasting impression.

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      With the weather being nice almost year-round in Tampa, who wouldn’t want to spend more time outdoors? If your yard could use some improvement, however, you may not be outside as much as you’d like. That’s where we can help. Whether you need to replace an older outdoor structure, you want to create a brand-new patio, or you have other ideas in mind, we’re available to help you find a contractor that can make them a reality. Our local partners offer deck construction and related services in the Tampa area, and they are ready to work on any project you have in mind.

      If you’ve always wanted a larger outdoor space for entertaining, a deck could be the perfect addition to your yard. If you already have one, but it’s older, you can replace it or add to it to create a larger space. Additional outdoor structures are traditionally made from wood, though composite materials are available and becoming more popular. Your design can be as complex or as simple as you would like and the structure will be built to the size you prefer. Our partner’s structures are custom-made, so you can get exactly what you’re looking for. Choose the type of wood or the color of the stain, the overall design, and other features for an amazing addition to the yard that’s perfect for entertaining.

      Do you already have an existing deck, patio, or other structure in the yard, but it’s not in the best of shape? Whether it was damaged or time has taken its toll, it doesn’t mean you need to start over. Our partners have experience handling a wide variety of repairs, so we can get it fixed for you. The scope of the project will depend on the severity of the damage, but they don’t have to tear everything down and create something new if the old space was working just fine. They’ll handle any needed repairs for safety and aesthetics, so you can start using it to entertain again.

      If you have an existing structure, but it’s not quite what you need, or you’d like to make some stylistic changes, we know the deck building company for you. They can upgrade your existing structure to meet your current and future needs. If you have a deck in place already, for instance, but it doesn’t provide all of the space you need, they can seamlessly add to it. This gives you tons of more space, while still keeping the existing structure in place, so you save money. Many different upgrades can be done to restore the space and make it more functional. A new railing around the space can completely change the look of your decks, Tampa style and decor all being considered.

      If you’re on a budget or wondering how much the project will cost, let us know. We strive to ensure our partner’s services are affordable taking into account every particular. Upgrading or repairing an existing structure is likely less expensive than tearing it down and creating something new. Even if you do want something new. Before doing any work, they can provide a quote, so you understand all of the costs associated with your project. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know, and we can work with you to find a solution.

      Take a look at the yard and any existing structures. Consider whether the existing structures need to be replaced, repaired, or upgraded. If there aren’t any existing structures, think about what you want. You’ll need to decide on the type of project as well as the size and other features. It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what you want, but it’s a good idea to think about what to do with the yard, how many people you expect to entertain when you have guests over, and what the future might hold. We can work with your ideas and create a plan that’s going to be perfect for you.

      No matter what you want to have added to the yard, there are plenty of options to consider. If you aren’t sure what will work best in your yard or prefer to have guidance, our partners can help. They have experience designing and building, so they can take your ideas and turn them into the perfect design for your yard. They’ll always go over the details of the design with you until it meets all of your needs. Some of the things to think about include the following.

      • Size – Whether you’d like a new deck or a small arbor, size is an important consideration. Think about how much space it will take up in the yard and how much space will be leftover for a play area, the garden, or anything else you might want.
      • Shape – Most of the items we can build for you can be any shape you prefer. Decks and patios can be square, rectangular, circular, or free-form and can fit into the available space in your yard. Gazebos are traditionally octagon-shaped, while pergolas are traditionally square or rectangular. If you have something else in mind, however, let us know.
      • Material – Decks are typically made with wood or a wood-composite material, while patios are made from pavers, brick, stone, and similar materials. Pergolas, gazebos, and arbors are usually made from wood. Think about the area where the structure will be located, the ease of care needed, and other important considerations before deciding on a material.
      • Color – The color can make a huge difference in whether something looks like it belongs in the yard. For any structure, carefully consider what colors might complement the home and the garden. While wood stains are perfect for any of these structures, many of them can be painted for a different look.
      • Finishing Touches – The finishing touches can make all of the difference. This can include design features like unique post caps, added lighting on stairs, or the trim around the posts. We can help you pick out the perfect finishing touches to make your structure look stunning.

      Once the design is done, it’s time to prepare for the work. This doesn’t include preparing the ground or anything, as they’ll take care of all of that for you. Instead, it just involves making sure you’re ready for the build and that they can get to work as soon as they arrive.

      • Schedule the Work Carefully – Check the calendar before scheduling the build to ensure there’s nothing else going on. You won’t want to plan for the work to begin right in the middle of the family coming to visit or when you might be out of town.
      • Ask About Planned Finish Time – While there are variables that can cause a project to take longer than expected, we strive to complete everything quickly without sacrificing quality. When you do schedule our partners to build the structure, ask about the planned finish time. Make sure you leave a couple of days free just in case anything comes up, but you should be able to plan your next evening with friends after that.
      • Clear Out the Yard – The day before the work is scheduled to begin, make sure the yard is cleared out. Put away hoses, garden tools, kids toys, and anything else that might be where the structure will be built.

      Are you ready to upgrade your yard and start enjoying the outside more? If you’re in need of a new deck, patio, or other structure, we can design it and have it built fast so you can start enjoying it right away. Call us today to start working on a design for your yard.

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